TipsUncategorized June 9, 2018

Top 10 Must-Do’s Before Listing Your Condo

When selling a home, most people know some of the basic first steps to take: make sure your curb appeal is clean and inviting, interior paint should be neutral in color, and declutter the home.

Although there are commonalities in listing your single family home and listing your condo, there are also some extra items that I point out to my Sellers of Condos.  Take a look at my top 10 Must Do’s before listing your condo and get ready to sell your condo quickly.

1.   Make sure the condo is free of personal items. 
While those snapshots of your kids at the beach may give you homey feelings, your buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space.Tuck your pictures away in a box and clear as many knick knacks as possible.

2.  Keep bathrooms clean and countertops free of clutter.

3.  Walk through the kitchen and think like a Buyer would think.
Does anything need fixed, updated, or cleaned?  There are always options when it comes to fixing, repairing, and updating your kitchen that don’t have to cost the Seller a lot of money. Like the bathroom, keep countertops uncluttered.

4.   Look at where your rugs are placed.  Are they a trip hazard?

5.   Take advantage of the view.
Break out the windex–sparkling windows show the best of your condo’s view. Remove heavy, outdated curtains and harvest a bright and airy feeling.

6.   Know how to obtain your condo docs.
Your Buyer will need to read them and sign off that they have received them.  To make the process easier for my client, I usually purchase these docs as part of my Listing expense.

7.   Know the answers to these questions:

a. Does your condo accept pets?  If so, how many and what are the weight restrictions?
b. Do you have a manager on site, or do you know your association’s manager by name?
c. Do you know if the association accepts renting out the unit?  If so, what are those restrictions?

8.   Find out if you have any assessments coming up.  
Although there will be an estopple ordered, it is important to know if you have any assessments coming up.  Disclose, Disclose, Disclose!

9.   Know everything that your Monthly Condo Fees cover.

10.   Relax!
Finally, many of the Sellers I work with travel.  One question they always have for me is “what happens if the house sells and I am in China (which has happened), or anywhere else but here for that matter? How do I continue to make plans?”

First thing I say is … Relax!  In this day and age of great technology and overnight shipping, the Title Company can easily plan a mail-away closing.  Continue with your plans–things do find a way to work themselves out.

If I can assist you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I will be happy to sit and chat about any questions you may have regarding the selling of your condo.